20 June, 2020

Sequel Suggestions

Hello everyone! To celebrate 500 watchers on Deviantart, I have decided to make a follow-up or two based on my viewer's requests.  Just leave a comment below with what story you would like to see a sequel to. Be sure to include any clever ideas that you can think of :D

I have been busy moving between states so haven't had a chance to work on anything lately, but while I wait to move in to my next place I have some free time to write some more captions. Thanks again for following me :)

07 June, 2020

Shipwrecked Shipmates (Guest Story)

This story was written by FJ. All I did was edit it a little bit and put a picture on it. :D

05 June, 2020

[NSFW] What Can a Dog Do?

See full post for caption (Contains Graphic Heterosexual Sex)