26 November, 2021

Author Request: German TG Captions and Stories!

Hello readers! Apologies in advance, this is not a work of my own - but rather a request for you all.

For my German readers (interestingly, by far my largest non primary English-speaking country by viewer count! The Dutch and the Swedes are ever so slightly larger per capita, however), I have recently become interested in learning German myself and have a request for you: Please share any Deutsch TG-related caption blogs, stories, comics - especially active ones!

If you're curious, I'm following the Refold learning method which focuses almost entirely on immersion - and considering my particular interests, and the seemingly large amount of German speakers interested in this stuff, I appreciate anyone who is willing to share!

You can comment here (anonymously too!) or email me directly at rookcaps@gmail.com

And don't worry, I am still working on stories - I'm just someone with many interests that I hop between so I'm very inconsistent and slow. Thanks for reading! I look forward to any Deutsch TG Geschichten :D

14 October, 2021

Just for Tonight - by Robinhood38

 Written by the incredible Robinhood38! Posted with their permission, I just wanted more people to see their incredible work! 

09 October, 2021

As Small as a Mouse - Part Two [Story]


This is a companion piece to Tservo98's story: As Small as a Mouse on Deviantart. It stands on its own so feel free to read either one first!

I've decided to post my longer works as text stories instead of captions from now on. I'll still be making captions, just not when it's more than a few paragraphs. Open the post to see the full story.


As Small as a Mouse

“God damnit,” I muttered as I dropped my brush on the floor, clumsily kicking it under the bottom of my bathroom countertop as I tried to catch it with my foot; all those years of soccer practice didn’t seem to help my coordination when it counted. I grunted and got down on hands and knees to fish it out when I came face to face with a little brown mouse. “Eeeekk!” I yelped like a little girl, banging the back of my head against the countertop. The rodent ran off through the door, “The landlord said he’d already gotten rid of these fucking pests. As if my life couldn’t get any worse.” I was still pissed off that the only thing my philosophy degree had amounted to was continuing the waitress gig I’d started to get said degree. I felt like I was going nowhere.

12 July, 2021

[NSFW] Willing Participant

See full post for caption (Contains Graphic Heterosexual Sex)

29 May, 2021

Under New Management - Collab with Chesshire88!

Drawn by the wonderful Chesshire88, check out their art here: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/chesshire88/ 

It was an honor to work with one of the best artists in the TG community!  :D