13 November, 2019

Broken Swap Ray


  1. Just browsing around and I stumble upon your page. Like always I check the tags to see if you write anything I like and low and behold, you do one of the rarest and my most favorite topics. Multibody is a gem that is rarer than diamond. Thank you so much for the three captions you have already done on it. So so much fun to read. Hope this becomes a regular topic of yours. Though this one looks like it has a bit at the end cut off.

    1. Fixed the bottom being cut off, thanks for letting me know!

      I very much enjoy the multibody concept; however, it is hard to write around sometimes because so much time needs to be dedicated to explain what exactly is happening. I can't promise to regularly make multibody captions, but I will make them whenever an interesting story arises.

      If you have any interesting ideas, multibody-related or not, be sure to put them on the requests page! :)

    2. Will do, thanks again for the caption and thanks in advance for your continued work.